Arkansas Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Haley!

I am so excited that you have found my page! It's still crazy that I get to do this for a living; capturing history and documenting life. I took a "blow off" class in college; photography. Who would have thought that it would have launched my passion, turned dream job FIVE years ago?!

I am a natural light, lifestyle and wedding photographer based out of Central, AR but I have shot in other areas and states and am ALWAYS up for traveling! I am 25 years old and live my life teaching middle schoolers, being a dog mom to the world's cutest husky (Kenai), and capturing the world through my Canon. When I'm not behind the camera you can find me watching makeup tutorials, crafting, sitting at my local coffee shop, or hanging out at the dog park!


Fun Facts

- My all time favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. It's my go to on a rainy day.

- I'm a book junkie! I love to read, but if I had to pick a favorite... I'd have to go with a series and say Harry Potter! I'll admit, I'm a little obsessed...

- I'm fascinated by all things dark and creepy; Halloween is literally my favorite time of year! 

- I shed a tear at every wedding I've ever shot. I love my couples, and while getting to share their special day with them, I get to see some pretty amazing intimate moments that get me every time.

- I have a black thumb! No matter how hard I try, I've kill all of my plants, except for my cacti.. they're my saving grace! BUT I'm love greenery and earthy vibes so I have a ton of fake plants in my house.

- I love thrift shopping! I'm always taking the old and giving it new life.

What's in my Bag?


“Haley has an eye for capturing the best moments and even some unexpected ones. Her creative outlook going into photo sessions has been amazing to watch evolve. Having done many session with her already and more to come, I’m so excited to see what she has in mind for them. She also takes into consideration what you want to do and doesn’t pressure you to do or pose in a way that you aren’t comfortable. Haley was more than willing to come on to base and take pictures, which is a major plus since we live there. I highly recommend her to any person”


“Haley is an amazing photographer! Not only does she do beautiful work but she’s so fun to work with and makes you feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera...which isn’t always easy!”