Christmas Eve Proposal | ANTHONY CHAPEL - Garvin Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs, AR

I love capturing proposals! It's that moment where a girl realizes that this is it, she's becoming a bride and all that childhood planning about to finally coming to life. The dresses she'd pictured herself in, the thousands of pins she's pinned on Pinterest, and the venues she's already secretly creeped online... everything gets real in that moment. The groom is the final detail, and once he drops into place, the emotions hit and kleenexes go flying. Chase planned every detail with both of their families and it all went perfectly! Both sets of parents were there, her best friend helped trick her into getting there at just the right time, and her nails were even done! Sarah walked into the chapel thinking she was meeting everyone to go look at Christmas lights, and even as Ed Sheeran blared through the speakers, she still didn't catch on. It' wasn't until they passed their families and Chase took her to the Christmas tree on stage that it hit her, this was it, this was the moment, and this was the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Congratulations Chase and Sarah!